This description of abortion by means of aspiration is meant to inform the public and especially women who are anticipating aborting their baby.

The amount of misinformation about abortions is rampant, as the pro-abortionists use myriad euphemisms to describe what it actually occurring. Many women who elect to abort their baby are not aware that certain abortion procedures actually dismember their baby so that its body parts can be extracted from the womb.

In this video, Dr. Anthony Levantino is an acknowledged former abortionist who performed more than 1,200 abortions. Dr. Levantino left the abortion industry and is now involved in the pro-life movement, educating women about the procedures, risks, and complications that can occur during and after an abortion.

Dr. Levantino demonstrates by illustration what is involved in suction D&C (aspiration) abortion procedures.

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Video provided by, and Dr. Anthony Levantino.

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