Paul Ryan and the GOP’s Dirty Little Secrets

iVoteAmiVoteAmerica Paul Ryanerica Paul RyanDirty little secrets are the way of Washington and of course, Hollywood. In the culture of Washington, like Hollywood, private discussions, off-site meetings and insider exchanges are the rule, never the exception. It’s how things get done.

Is Paul Ryan in bed with the GOP, consummating his new martial status with the elete? Is the Speaker now fully awash in the GOP’s dirty little secret campaign to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination for President?

The media chatter from multiple sources has Ryan in Florida participating in hush-hush exchange with big donors about the problems Trump will cause the established power-brokers if he is, in fact, “the” candidate.

We cannot confirm the validity of the multiple sources of the chatter but if true, iVoteAmerica would like to officially welcome Mr. Ryan to the world of dirty little secrets and sleazy political machinations designed to deceive the electorate, disrupt the process and redirect outcomes.

One cannot help but wonder if the GOP’s dirty little secret campaign includes promised benefits to the Speaker… uh, such as, “you could be the President, Paul” among other coded messages.

None other than Politico reported a recent trip by Paul Ryan to Palm Beach, Florida on Thursday, March 17, 2016. He was there to attend what Politico described as a session with donors to discuss “what to do about Donald Trump” (read the article).

CBS News also carried a piece about the dirty little secret campaign stating that, “The Palm Beach gathering was organized by a coalition called the American Opportunity Alliance, which was formed by New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer, who supported Marco Rubio and attended the event. Chicago Cubs co-owner, Todd Ricketts also attended the meeting.”

The CBS News report stated,

The dinner was part of a two-day secretive conclave…which included Republican donors of all stripes.

My point here is not to replay the chatter, whether from Politico, CBS News or other sources, but to underscore the sleeze, the slime and the scum that while pretending to support democracy and the people’s choice via the election process, is completely dedicated to asserting itself, if necessary, in order to assure control of the ultimate outcome of the Republican nominating process.

Panic might be a good word to use for the frenzy into which the candidacies of both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have thrown Washington’s most powerful pretenders. We all know that desperate people will do, say and carry out desperate things.

By all accounts, it appears that Paul Ryan, once the darling of conservatives, is now fully baptized in the swampy waters once the exclusive domain of John Boehner, Mitch McConnel, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Could it be that Paul Ryan and the GOP have launched their own dirty little secret campaign for President?

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