Kasich – So Much for Mr. Nice Guy

iVoteAmerica John KasichGovernor John Kasich (R-OH) has expended a great deal of rhetoric attempting to convince the conservative electorate of his nice guy approach to governing.

So much for Mr. Nice Guy. Unlike Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who bowed out of the race with amazing character and a speech that will undoubtedly become hallmark, Kasich is showing himself to be the consummate bad guy, Washington insider and back room deal-making phony.

What is it, precisely, that Kasich wants? What have the beltway Republican cronies been telling him? How is he being coached and to what end?

Kasich cannot win the nomination, period, end of story. Kasish knows he cannot win the nomination. Of late, the Ohio Governor has been demonstrating that indeed he is the most experienced Washington insider among the remaining candidates… sly, shrewd and disingenuous.

Mr. Kasich wants the conservative voters to believe he is a conservative, that he balanced the budget, that he knows how to pull the levers, push the buttons and move the federal apparatus from point A to point Z. But, in fact he is a ventriloquist’s dummy, sitting on the lap of his party bosses who throw their voices into his wooden jaw.

He is not an orthodox conservative, regardless of his puppet performances. This is what conservatives need to know about John Kasich:

  • He is a climate change convert
  • He is a big time Medicaid vacuum
  • He is a collective bargaining advocate for unions
  • He is a Governor who shades the truth about Ohio’s economic strength
  • He is a insider, plain and simple – beloved by RINOs

Kasich is a mismatch for constitutional conservatives and in today’s climate he will not be able to duplicate his prior congressional performance. He is simply a fish out of water when surrounded by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who, despite their differences, have a keen understanding of America’s anger and angst over the nation’s growing problems coupled with the lack of performance and outright lies of the Republican DC cartel.

The mere lingering campaign trail presence of Governor Kasich creates a stench of suspicion about the true nature of his motives. Conservatives are no longer accepting the foggy promises of pseudo conservatives, exchanging the moderate for the extreme. We want America to be rescued from the abuses of centralized government.

On March 18, 2016, Politico’s Steven Shepard ran a piece on Kasich that went to great pains to make the case for Kasich as the Republican nominee in lieu of Cruz and Trump. Calling Kasich “palatable” Shepard stated his piece with,

In the event of a contested Republican convention this summer, John Kasich is the candidate most acceptable to GOP delegates.

If that were true, why have Cruz and Trump amassed a total of 1,091 delegates between them, while John Kasich has only delivered a paltry 143 delegates.

Politico’s scribes are mere cut-outs of the biases of the left tilted main stream media that cannot fathom the motivation of today’s fed-up populace. Kasich appeals to the status quo mainliners whose primary concern is the survival and perpetuation of their delusional power.

Again, we aske, what is it, precisely, that Kasich wants? Perhaps he is chasing survival and delusional power.

Mr. Kasich, please, go home.

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