Cruz and His Hole Cards

iVoteAmerica Texas Holdem - Ted CruzSenator Ted Cruz is undoubtedly familiar with Texas poker. The most famous of all poker games is Texas Holdem.

The card game works just like the campaign trail. Each player (candidate) is dealt two cards, each delivered face down. These two cards are known as a player’s ‘hole cards’.  During the game, a round of betting takes place where you can check, bet or fold. This stage of Texas  Holdem is called the “pre-flop” and the action of each player is dependent on the hole cards, or starting hand.

The game of politics is like Texas Holdem. Winning is not controlled by the cards but by how you bet, your instincts and you ability to create impressions with other players seated at the table. Yes, there is a bit of smoke and the flashing light of mirrors at work. There are “community cards” which can be used by all the players in combination with their hole cards in an attempt to formulate their winning hand. However, at all times the hole cards remain the key to the player’s next action.

Bluff and bluster are a part of the mental game in politics, just as with Texas Holdem. Head faking, gesturing, posture, grunts, groans and numerous other techniques are employed for the purpose of creating a illusion. Sounds like Donald Trump, eh?

Ted Cruz has two remarkable hole cards, mysteriously hidden but working for him at all times. We are witnessing his complete mastery of the issues (hole card #1). The constitutional conservative has not stumbled over any of the critical issues facing America. There are no late night tweets from Ted Cruz. He is not a student, he is a master of the issues.

The second hole card in the Cruz game plan is consistency. There is a stability about the Senator, a refreshing and invigorating absence of back-tracking his statements. What Mr. Cruz is saying today is precisely what he was saying during his campaign for the Senate. With Cruz there is not bluffing, just the plain truth.

By winning Wisconsin in the manner in which he did, Ted Cruz is demonstrating what we knew to be true when we first endorsed him. The Senator is a principled conservative, one who actually believes that politicians should keep their promises… period.

Wisconsin voters sat at the poker table on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 and decided to reject the hollow bluster of the Donald in favor of a candidate who demonstrated master of the issues and a consistency that remains unchanged.

iVoteAmerica supports Ted Cruz as the only truly constitutional conservative in the race. We are not relying on mere words, but his demonstrated knowledge and consistency.

Join us!

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