Clinton Versus Trump will Change America

ivotenewjersey Clinton Vs TrumpLike no other election in the past century, the the outcome of the showdown between Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R) will change America in profound ways.

Hillary Clinton’s election to the office of President of the United States will extend the nation’s slide into social policy and governance.

The Democratic platform for Philadelphia is already laced with policies driven by Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist. This was the long sought pay-off for the Sander’s support.

Clinton, still facing potential charges for her server-gate scandal, will only find relief if the FBI and Attorney General Loretta Lynch decide to drop charges.

The long history of the Clinton machine leaves the nation with a degree of fatigue and even some Democrats are not entirely pleased with Clinton as their candidate.

Clinton will extend the Obama nightmare with a continued transition toward a litany of leftist policies. The legislative agenda will be its own battlefield if Republicans maintain control of at least one side of Congress.

Of course, Donald Trump, the anti-establishment candidate on the Republican side has yet to convince many conservatives that he can “be presidential” whatever that means. He is a wild card and the angry mood of the electorate, coupled with the Brexit sentiment is feeding raw meat to populists who regard Trump as the nation’s last great hope.

At stake in this election is Obamacare, which Trump wants to demolish and Hillary wants to retain.

Terrorism, illegal immigration, trade, jobs and the economy are all on the agenda with polar opposite proposals on the table.

Nothing is bigger than the multi-generational impact of the appointment of Justices to the United States Supreme Court. Trump pre-vetted a list of potential candidate for the Court… all of them constitutional conservatives.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, if elected as President would likely move forward with Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, whose consideration is being blocked by the Republican controlled Senate. More than any issue, the makeup of the Supreme Court is likely to be the one issue that will transform America for perhaps as much as 100 years.

The outcome of Clinton versus Trump will change America.

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