Chris Christie wants Washington

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After two terms as Governor, and despite Chris Christie’s campaign trail claims to the contrary, New Jersey is still a general mess.

Conservatives long ago discovered that Christie, although tough on rhetoric, is no conservative. Do, New Jersey is a mess and Chris is not a conservative. What’s so new about that information? Well, nothing, really… sort of.

Early in the campaign Gov. Christie, realizing his ship was not going to make it to port, endorsed Trump. We all remember the glazed over, almost shocked look on the Governor’s face during a Trump television appearance. No one was certain what the mug actually was communicating. But we are certain, Christie wants Washington, at least a job in Washington.

Our sources indicate that he once was on Trump’s list of VP candidate. It appears this is no longer the case, with the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, Indian Governor, Mike Spence and a host of lesser known personalities grabbing the media spotlight for Veep.

The more logical “job” for the unemployed, marginal New Jersey governor would be Attorney General, a position that is more keenly matched to Christie’s skill set and experience.

Trump has not allowed Gov. Christie to rise to the level of a national media voice. We wonder why, but only for about 30 seconds. Chris Christie’s persona is not a temperamental fit for a position in the Trump inner circle. We all witness the boot given to Corey Lewandoski after the campaign outgrew his “style” and needed to “go in a new direction.” Like all campaigns, the players, each with their own swelled egos and agendas, must be trimmed to control message and personality.

When it comes to Governor Chris Christie, he (not to mention the Donald) is an astute politician and he will be in the Trump administration, if there is one. After all, Chris has always wanted Washington.

As the Governor leaves his position atop the New Jersey throne, he departs with no small set of bags, including the bridge-gate scandal, an economy still staggering and a strong Democratic electorate that just plain does not like the man, period.

It’s good that Christi wants Washington… where else do failed politicians go?

(caricature by Donkey Hotey: cc)

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